Can you rise


with ME?



You told me
to remember the “yesterday…”
but hopes and dreams
seem so far away

But I’m rising up
to higher ground
where the lamp of heaven
can be found

Higher, higher
I will reach
Higher, higher

Higher, higher
We will reach
Higher, higher

Now in this loop
so much time has passed
i´m holding on
to myself at last

You told me
that stars should glow
and I am rising up
where clouds are below

Higher, higher
I will reach
Higher, higher

Higher, higher
We will reach
Higher, higher

I’m rising up…
To higher ground…
And I’m rising up…
Clouds above…

Higher, higher
I will reach
Higher, higher

Higher, higher
We will reach
Higher, higher


Singer/Intérprete: Suzy Guerra
Lyrics/Letra: Daren Cartwright
Songwriter/Compositor: Daren Cartwright
Musical Production/Produção Musical: João Graça
Mastering & Post-production/Mistura & Masterização: Márcio Silva
Backing Vocals/Arranjos Vocais (Coros): Tânia Tavares, Suzy Guerra, Daren Cartwright
Recorded at/Gravado nos Estúdios Atlântico Blue
Studio Technician/Técnico de Estúdio: Marco Silva

Video Credits: Directed by/Realização: Black Rose Lisbon


Suzy Guerra

Throughout our lives, we suffer through change physically, mentally and even morally. This is part of our growth as human beings, part of our identity and a part of who we were, are and will be. This is exactly how we should be as artists and individuals.

Suzy Guerra has already experienced several reinventions in her artistic life, the most famous was her participation in the mega-success Nesta Noite Branca, with the group Anjos, which since 1999, has continued to be the most popular song played on Portuguese radios and T.V. programs until today. And most recently, as the representative of Portugal in 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Quero Ser Tua, which garnered much success in the Eurovision Fan Community. Now, she comes to us as, Suzy Guerra.

Suzy Guerra, is the new artistic name for singer Susana Guerra, a name which brings with it a rich and complete story that when listening to the debut single Higher, makes perfect sense.

Higher speaks to us about transformation, about overcoming obstacles, about looking deeply at ourselves and all that we have experienced and done, and about where we came from and where we want to be.

Higher helps us understand that there is always time to start over, to "find ourselves" and to understand who we truly are.

Suzy Guerra entrances us with her interpretation of Higher in a way that makes it impossible to be indifferent to its theme! All of her vocal expression and interpretation is true to the lyrics and music created specifically for her by composer, Daren Cartwright .

Higher seizes us, lifts us off the ground and makes us soar...





March, 25, 2023
  • Barcelona Eurovision Party (Spain)
March, 30, 2023
  • Solo Corporate Event in Oeiras (Portugal)
April 01, 2023
  • Polish Eurovision Party (Poland)
April 22, 2023
  • “Portugal na Eurovisão” Show in Sesimbra (Portugal)
April 29, 2023
  • Eurovision Party at Petard Pop Club in Vigo (Spain)
May 02 - 03, 2023
  • Eurovision Vacation Parties in Torremolinos/Málaga (Spain)
May, 06, 2023
  • Eurovision Night at Shelter Bar in Lisbon (Portugal)
May, 12, 2023
  • Eurovision Night at Zoom Club in Porto (Portugal)
May 27, 2023
  • "Portugal na Eurovisão" Show in Fernão Ferro (Portugal)
June, 24, 2023
  • Private Event in Sintra (Portugal)
July, 15, 2023
  • "Eurovision Weekend" in Vienna (Prague)
July, 28, 2023
  • "Portugal na Eurovisão" Show in Fernão Ferro (Portugal)
Agosto, 20, 2023
  • "Sunday Survival" Show in Oeiras (Portugal)
October, 26 and 27, 2023
  • Master of Ceremonies of CONIBEN - Ibero-American Energy Conference 2023 in Lisbon (Portugal)
November, 18, 2023
  • Christmas Village Opening as a Master of Ceremonies & Singer at MAR Shopping Algarve (Portugal)
December, 31, 2023
  • New Year’s Eve Event in Sintra (Portugal)
January, 20, 2024
  • Club Convention (Eurovision Event) in Munich (Germany)
April, 12, 2024
  • Amsterdam Callin’ 24 (Eurovision Event) in Amsterdam (Netherlands)